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A 3-Step Process for Providing Feedback and Coaching Your Team For Peak Performance

Continuing with the same theme of developing your team, which I covered in my last article, I want to talk today about the importance of coaching your team for peak performance and how to do that most effectively. Many leaders do not like conflict, and therefore struggle to provide feedback and coaching to their direct reports. In 2013, Forbes published an article which stated that managers who scored in the bottom 10% in their ability to provide feedback received a measly average engagement score of 25% from their direct reports [source]. This tells us that people want to receive honest feedback from their leaders, and when they don’t receive it, their engagement level goes down. 
Development Dimension International (DDI) provides a three-step coaching technique which makes coaching and giving feedback simple and fun. Although feedback can be both positive and negative, many managers, including myself, have a harder time delivering negative feedback. It is easy to tell someone when …

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