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Use these 3 Steps to Develop Your Team and Boost Their Performance

Many new front-line managers don’t have the luxury of personally handpicking their team members; they inherit them. Some may consider this situation unfair or daunting, but in my opinion, it is truly the best incubator for developing strong leadership skills. Nothing is more gratifying than taking a team that was under-performing to superior performance, during your tenure. Besides, those are the types of leaders that have the biggest impact, and the ones that people want to follow. Imagine if you inherited a team that was already high performing and it completely crashed and failed under your leadership. I don’t think that would make for a good leadership book, do you? You can avoid that by reading my post on common mistakes managers make with their employees.
Be diligent to know the state of your flocks… (Prov 27:23)
In Proverbs 27:23, Solomon told his sons to be diligent to know the state of their flocks. As a leader, you are only as effective as your team, and you need to assess t…

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