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Winning with Accountability

Accountability is the most important ingredient for personal success in life. Countless endeavors fail to flourish, not for lack of talent, but simply because accountability was not present. Henry J. Evans, author of Winning with Accountability says, “Without accountability, people are working on the wrong things and feeling like they lack direction and purpose.” In this article I will highlight four simple tips from Evans’ book on how to create accountability on your team and start getting results right away. Click on the book image below to pick up your own copy today.

What is accountability and why is it important?
Accountability is the act of taking responsibility for one’s own actions and position in life. At its core, it means to refuse to blame other people. You alone are responsible for your current situation, and as such, you are able to make compelling decisions that may lead to a more desirable future.
Accountability also means keeping our commitments to others. In Deuter…

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